Chef Latha Chandrasekaran

Chef Latha Chandrasekaran grew up like most people: watching the bustle of her mother and grandmother in the busy kitchen of their home. As a child, she loved watching them cook tirelessly. She was always curious and would question them about the ingredients used and the flavours of different combinations. She finally put her interest in practice after moving to Singapore and found her passion for the craft, which led to her teaching cooking classes with over 135 people in Japan.  

With the help of her grandmother and mother, she learned to make the dishes of her childhood and is now skilled in the cuisines; the Chettinad and Kongunadu cuisines have since become her speciality. The Chettinad cuisine, especially, is famous in India for its health benefits, aroma and intense flavours, and is served with rice-based accompaniments. The uniqueness of Chettinad cooking lies in the freshly used ingredients from the spices to the masalas are ground either on the spot or at the mill, adding to nutritiousness. Chef Latha takes this seriously and only uses freshly ground spices and powders in her dishes, firmly believing it to be the reason for her flavourful menu. Sourcing them from India and Singapore, she follows the traditional recipes and tips passed down from her family while adding her own charm to it. With Chef Latha’s food, prepare to taste the wonderful culture of the flavourful town of Chettinad made straight from her heart and love for cooking.

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