Chef Terrian Lim

Terrian Lim developed an interest in pastries and desserts at the young age of 19, and this passion continues to burn stronger every day. A patissier boasting an amazing repertoire, he has been professionally trained directly under renowned and awarded pastry chefs from around the world and has worked in the kitchen of Singapore's iconic hotel Marina Bay Sands, a slew of luxury pastry shops and confectioneries, and even a Michelin star restaurant.  

With over 12 years of experience and several noteworthy accomplishments under his belt, Chef Terrian set out to open his own venture - Morimori Yogashi, a patisserie with a melange of desserts, pastries, bread and cakes. As the brains and creative force behind it, he created a niche for himself by specialising in fusion masterpieces using French and various Asian traditional and modernist techniques and flavours. 

With Esseplore, Chef Terrian hopes to share his unique handcrafted creations and take you to uncharted 'dessert' territories.

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