Chef Wendy Quek

Chef Wendy Quek has loved cooking since she was young. Being in the business for twenty years now, Wendy's interest in cooking began from watching Zi Char stalls. As she grew older, she continued to observe their cooking styles and techniques and added them to her personal style. She recalls her first dish being a Scallion Omelette during her upper primary school days, and her first taster being her father.

After completing her Diploma in Culinary Arts, she entered into the F&B industry and began teaching classes. She taught group and private cooking lessons for a few years.

The best dish she'd taught was the Crispy Roasted Pork, which was during a time when not many knew how to use home ovens for such meals. She also cited her most memorable creation being Deep-Fried Mantou with Chilli Crabmeat and Eggs Benedict.

Besides cooking, Wendy has been exploring gardening lately and can't wait to dive into this new hobby!

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