'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)
'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)
'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)
'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)
'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)
'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)
'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)
'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)

Chef Alan & Christina

'60s Nanyang Flavours by Chefs Alan & Christina (8-Course feast)

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This luxurious 1960s-inspired Nonya feast is sure to amaze your guests! Filled with long-lost Peranakan dishes, signature flavours, and prepared with lots of love, celebrate your achievements, milestones, or even the weekend, with glorious feasting!

Gerang Asam Fish Head
Meaty fish head cooked in a well-balanced tangy and spicy gravy, made with traditional hand-pounded spices and fresh pineapple, best accompanied by fragrant steamed rice. This traditional Nonya speciality is highly popular and well-loved in the cuisine. 


Curry Fish Head 
Fresh Red Snapper fish head braised in their currylicious paste, a family heirloom recipe passed down through generations, with fresh eggplants, long beans, tomatoes and coconut milk.

Ayam Tempra
A simple, hearty Nonya dish with tender braised chicken cooked in an aromatic spicy-sweet and tangy sauce with onion, green and red chillies. 

Itek Tim (Duck Soup)
A clear duck soup made by stewing tender duck meat with preserved vegetables and sour plums to enhance the rich flavours of the meat, leaving a refreshing aftertaste. 

Chilli Dip
A spicy condiment made from fresh chilli peppers that tantalises your tastebuds with a combination of spicy, tangy, and sour flavours. This versatile sauce goes perfectly with most Nonya dishes. 

Blue Pea Rice
Fragrant long-grain Jasmine rice steeped in caffeine-free blue butterfly pea flower tea for a vivid blue hue. The blue butterfly pea flower tea is made by soaking whole flowers till its flavour seeps out. 


Abalone Sambal Timun 
Abalone, crunchy cucumbers and dried shrimps are sliced long and tossed in a flavourful special sauce. This long-lost Peranakan recipe is the perfect way to warm your palate. 

Chap Chye 
A delicious multi-coloured stir-fry of braised cabbage and carrots with black fungus, green bean sticks, crunchy dried shrimps and tang hoon(glass noodles). 


Pulut Hitam Special 
A special take on the popular Southeast Asian dessert made with black glutinous rice, creamy coconut milk, gula melaka, dried longan, palm sugar and rock sugar. The strong flavours of the gula melaka and dried longan make this sweet dish stand out with its rich texture. 



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Chef Alan & Christina

Husband and wife team, Alan and Christina have been in the cooking business since 1999. Christina is Peranakan and Teochew while Alan is Peranakan and Hokkien. Both take great pride in their Peranakan roots and traditional recipes passed down from their own grandmothers. 

Cooking has always been their interest and passion where cooking traditional Peranakan food has been strongly embedded in their lifestyle. Christina grew up learning and helping her grandmother cook in the kitchen. All the sauces and pastes used in their cooking are made from scratch with traditional methods. From the sambal belacan to rendang pastes, even though takes up a lot of time and effort, this is how they ensure the quality of each dish they serve. 

Their passion and love for cooking are what kept them in the industry for so many years. The couple also does catering and holds cooking classes at community clubs. In their free time, the couple enjoys listening to English oldies music, playing mahjong and occasional drinks and volunteering at church. To Alan and Christina food is about enjoying if the people who eat their food are happy, they are happy too.   


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Amazing nonya meal, the curry fish head was really delicious
James Goh
Lovely meal from the Chefs
Mike Tan