An Arokia Idli Treat (Vegetarian) by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)
An Arokia Idli Treat (Vegetarian) by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)
An Arokia Idli Treat (Vegetarian) by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)
An Arokia Idli Treat (Vegetarian) by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)

Chef Bhuvana Andrew

An Arokia Idli Treat (Vegetarian) by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)

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Idlis are a South Indian recipe, but it is loved by all across the country. In this curated menu, Chef Buni uses her culinary knowledge and expertise from working in her father's small restaurant, famous for their idlis, to add a healthy spin on the famous Indian dish. Indulge in amazing savoury flavours from the South of India with this nutritious feast!

Finger Millet Idli (4 pcs per pax) 
A healthy spin on the South Indian staple, these soft and fluffy steamed cakes are made from a rich batter of soaked and ground finger millets(ragi), rice, and black lentils(urad dal) fermented overnight. This recipe is rich in calcium & fibre, assisting in weight loss, diabetes, lower cholesterol, and cooling the body. 

Toor Dal Sambar 
A South Indian classic, this heirloom recipe of the renowned stew is made with pigeon pea lentils, onions, spring onions, a mix of fresh vegetables, tamarind, turmeric, ghee and a unique spice blend signature to the recipe. Chef Buni's rendition is highly nutritious and rich in protein. 

Thengai Chutney 
A must-have accompaniment for idlis, this side dish is made by blending freshly-grated coconut and chillies, tempered with mustard seeds, dried chillies, and hing. 

Peanut-Garlic Idli Podi 
Another flavourful condiment that goes perfectly with idlis, this vibrant chutney powder is made of roasted peanuts, garlic cloves, a blend of freshly ground spices, and seasoned with cold-pressed sesame oil.


Thayir Vadai 
This delicious South Indian dish can be enjoyed as an appetiser or snack. Made from a fluffy batter of black lentils(urad dal) and select spices, this savoury doughnut is deep-fried and soaked in a spicy yoghurt mixture with fresh coriander and grated carrots.


Rava Kesari 
A sweet end to your feast, this saffron-based healthy pudding consists of roasted semolina(rava), brown sugar and roasted cashews. It is best eaten warm.  


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Chef Bhuvana Andrew

Chef Bhuvana Andrew, lovingly called Buni, is a chef whose love for cooking brings you new tastes and diverse flavours. What began as a way to help her parents grew into a passion she couldn't ignore. Growing up, Buni enjoyed tasting and learning to make south indian food. Her parents managed a small coffee shop in her hometown Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu that still has people queuing for a taste of their delicious idlis. It was from her father that she picked up a meticulous eye for detail and quality, and from her mother various family recipes. As she continued to hone her skills, her experimentative nature helped her turn simple recipes into flavourful fusion dishes that people around her loved. With the intent of creating healthy flavorful recipes, her curated menus reflect a balanced diet filled with nutrient-rich high-quality ingredients.

Through her cooking, she is keen to introduce the diverse tastes of Coimbatore and Chidambaram by bringing a part of her culture to your doorstep in Singapore.