The Kovai Virundu by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)
The Kovai Virundu by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)
The Kovai Virundu by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)
The Kovai Virundu by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)

Chef Bhuvana Andrew

The Kovai Virundu by Chef Bhuvana (6-Course feast)

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Coimbatore is a popular city in Tamil Nadu and is known for being, both, traditional and cosmopolitan. The food is just as diverse as the city, ranging from traditional to fusion. Using her culinary expertise from "Kovai", as the locals call it, Chef Buni brings you the land's authentic cuisine with a healthy twist right to your homes in Singapore through this flavourful curated menu! 

Aromatic Chicken Biryani 
The varieties of Biryani in Tamil Nadu alone are vast. Here, Chef Buni uses key spices from various native biryani styles to create her own. Made with the aromatic Seeraga Samba rice known to be rich in selenium and fibre, tender succulent chicken pieces and a blend of flavorful spices, this rich biryani is best eaten hot. 

Almond Chicken Gravy 
A creamy and nutty curry filled with the health benefits of almonds and the flavours of spices. This royal dish is made with tender succulent chicken pieces and ground almonds in a tangy gravy. Using cold-pressed coconut oil, this mildly-spiced recipe is prepared meticulously and makes a delicious combination with the biryani. 

Kovai Fish Masala Fry 
A traditional recipe popular in native Coimbatore, this dish consists of fresh red snapper/sea bass richly marinated in freshly ground spices and shallow-fried in cold-pressed coconut oil, a healthy choice for frying food. 

Yoghurt Raita 
A refreshing condiment that is traditionally eaten with the biryani, this yoghurt-based dish combines chopped fresh zucchini, onions & yoghurt to create a cool yet flavourful side.


Pomegranate Chickpea Salad with Fresh Mint & Date Dressing 
A nutritious and light salad made with fresh pomegranate, cooked chickpeas and chopped cucumbers. This superfood dish gets its added flavour in the two creamy dressings. The fresh mint dressing consists of fresh mint leaves, freshly-squeezed lemon juice and extra-virgin coconut oil with an irresistible blend of Indian spices, while the date dressing is a tangy blend made with chopped dates and tasty spices. The dressings can be added separately or together for an explosion of flavour. 


Creamy Pumpkin Twist 
This creamy dessert uses the richness of yoghurt, and the natural sweetness and low-calorie count of fresh pumpkin to end your feast on a deliciously healthy note.  


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Chef Bhuvana Andrew

Chef Bhuvana Andrew, lovingly called Buni, is a chef whose love for cooking brings you new tastes and diverse flavours. What began as a way to help her parents grew into a passion she couldn't ignore. Growing up, Buni was surrounded by good food. Her parents managed a small coffee shop in her hometown Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu that still has people queuing for a taste of their delicious idlis. It was from her father that she picked up a meticulous eye for detail and quality, and from her mother various family recipes. As she continued to hone her skills, her experimentative nature helped her turn simple recipes into flavourful fusion dishes that people around her loved. With the intent of creating healthy flavorful recipes, her curated menus reflect a balanced diet filled with nutrient-rich high-quality ingredients.

Through her cooking, she is keen to introduce the diverse tastes of Coimbatore and Chidambaram by bringing a part of her home to your doorstep in Singapore.