Fresh Kelong Seafood by Chefs Andrew & Sandy (3-Course feast)
Fresh Kelong Seafood by Chefs Andrew & Sandy (3-Course feast)
Fresh Kelong Seafood by Chefs Andrew & Sandy (3-Course feast)
Fresh Kelong Seafood by Chefs Andrew & Sandy (3-Course feast)

Chef Andrew & Sandy

Fresh Kelong Seafood by Chefs Andrew & Sandy (3-Course feast)

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Indulge in scrumptious seafood with this fine-dining spread at home. Chef Andrew and Sandy’s hearty seafood feast is guaranteed to suit your tastes! 

Freshly wild-caught Kelong Flower Crab [min. 1kg for 2 pax (7-8 crabs per kg)] 

Steamed & Chilled Crab [RECOMMENDED]
Steamed and chilled fresh flower crab that retains the soft, succulent, delicate and sweet taste of fresh crab.


Chilli Crab
Stir-fried fresh flower crab in the classic spicy, sweet and savoury chilli sauce. 


Black Pepper Crab
Stir-fried fresh flower crab in a fragrant peppery mix.

Treasure Congee 
A blend of concentrated seafood flavours with boiled flower crab meat, dried scallops, and anchovies (century egg packed and served separately)


Crab Fried Rice 
This beloved dish uses many flavours to highlight the star of the dish: crab. Made with a chock full of jumbo lump crab and eggsthe recipe’s added flavour is in its fish sauce, soy sauce, and fresh scallions and lime. 

Crunchy Poached Lettuce 
Blanched lettuce topped with flavourful oyster sauce.


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Chef Andrew & Sandy

A power couple in the home dining scene, Andrew and Sandy have always loved to cook. Both began cooking for different reasons but continued for the sheer passion of it.  

Andrew began cooking to feed himself and his sister as his parents were working. His father, a fisherman, has one of the few remaining fish farms or Kelong in Singapore. Andrew’s cooking is highly influenced by his father. Like him, Andrew also loves fishing and credits his dad for teaching him everything about choosing the best out of the bunch 

Sandy also began cooking at a young age. Self-taught, like her husband, Sandy started taking the art of the cooking seriously and honed her skills through many trials and errors. She takes pride in her food plating skills. Her best dish, which is also her son’s favourite, is Cereal Prawns 

Currently, the couple receives their fresh supply of seafood from Andrew’s father’s Kelong and together, they create delicious and visually beautiful dishes! 

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