Taste of Madurai by Chef Thendral
Taste of Madurai by Chef Thendral
Taste of Madurai by Chef Thendral
Taste of Madurai by Chef Thendral
Taste of Madurai by Chef Thendral

Chef Thendral

Taste of Madurai by Chef Thendral

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There's a reason Madurai is known as the food capital of Tamil Nadu - it's a miscellany of delicacies! This gastronomical centre is filled with diverse culinary styles and bold flavours that have become the cuisine's signature. Explore Madurai's authentic lip-smacking dishes in Singapore with Chef Thendral's flavourful menu. With classic recipes from her hometown Madurai like Mutton Kola Urundai, Hot & Spicy Chicken Sukka, Kari Dosai, and more, experience the taste of Madurai at home!

Seeraga Samba Chicken Biryani with Cucumber Yoghurt Raita
Madurai-style biryani made with the Tamil Nadu speciality short-grained seeraga samba rice, kampong chicken, and freshly ground biryani masala, served with cucumber & yoghurt raita. The homemade spice mix gives the biryani a distinct taste and makes this popular South Indian dish stand out.

Naatu Kozhi Kulambu (Kampong Chicken Curry)
An authentic Madurai gravy made with a distinctive blend of whole spices and kampong chicken. Pair this luxurious curry with the biryani or dosai for the best experience!

Hot & Spicy Chicken Sukka
A spicy & aromatic dish made with fresh boneless chicken, a Madurai-style blend of masalas, and shallots. A must-try sukka(dry) recipe, this delicious dish will surely satiate meat-lovers!

Kari Dosai
An extremely popular dish in Madurai, South India, this dish cannot be ignored in a Madurai menu. Made with soft & succulent meat and a homemade dosai batter, each bite is delectable.



Mutton Kola Urundai (Madurai Spicy Mutton Meatballs)
Scrumptious meatballs made with minced mutton and freshly ground masala rolled into exquisite round shapes and deep-fried until crisp golden-brown. It's the perfect way to start a feast!


Tender Coconut Sago Payasam
A creamy Indian pudding made with tender coconut water, milk, and tender coconut flesh. Served chilled, this dessert is a fantastic way to end a flavourful feast.


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Chef Thendral


Chef Thendral Balaji

Tradition, authenticity, and taste are three things that are important to Chef Thendral, and you can clearly feel it in her food. Chef Thendral Balaji is a homemaker, proud mother, and passionate chef. She started cooking as a small chore in her teenage years but grew to love the details of traditional cooking. As an adult, she began to explore the culinary field more with the techniques she learned from her mother. 

She loves cooking but more importantly, she loves to share her food with people. Chef Thendral believes that cooking food with love is an indispensable quality for chefs; because food cooked with love is more delicious.  

Her speciality is Madurai cuisine. Known as the food capital of Tamil Nadu in South India, the Madurai cuisine is often characterised as a mix of humble yet fierce & bold flavours. Chef Thendral's main focus in creating menus is to showcase the multi-faceted cuisine with long-forgotten recipes and lip-smacking dishes. 

In joining Esseplore’s Chef team, Chef Thendral hopes to introduce the delight of authentic Madurai cuisine through unique and traditional cooking methods made with love and care.


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